Whatever misguided notions you have regarding Lexus' "uncoolness" – throw them away. This is the 2014 Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept. It’s headed to Geneva and it's one of the best-looking Lexi ever. 

It’s based on the RC F coupe, but has been engineered to meet the Group GT3 racing regulations. That means it tips the scales at only 2,755.8 lbs. and boasts a race-version of the coupe’s 5.0L V8 engine, producing over 540 horsepower.

The GT3 concept is an evolution of Lexus’ Super GT-based racer that debuted in January, retaining similarly stunning looks, apart from visible headlight and front wing changes. Lexus plans to start testing the concept soon, with the goal of providing the GT3-compliant vehicles to racing teams beginning in 2015.

Don’t get too comfortable with a big V8 engine note however, because regulations could change drastically within the next few years. Japan’s Super GT and Germany’s DTM series are planning to meet for a joint race in 2015, with the end goal of homologating both series to 2.0L turbocharged powerplants by 2017. This shouldn’t affect the GT3-spec cars initially, but lets just rejoice in this V8 swansong while we can.

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[via Lexus and Autosport]

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