Earlier this year, LeBron James wrote a touching letter to his mom that was posted to the Today website. In the letter, he called Gloria James a "champion" and thanked her for raising him as a strong single parent.

"The truth is that everything I've learned about being a parent to my boys—9-year-old LeBron Jr. and 6-year-old Bryce—I learned from my mother," he wrote. "Everything I know about being loving and caring, and sacrificing and showing up and being present in my children's lives—I learned all of that from her example."

It was a very nice letter—and we're sure that Gloria was very happy to receive. However, when it came time for her birthday recently, another letter was not going to cut it. So rather than break out a pen and some paper, King James broke out his checkbook and bought his mom a Porsche as a surprise birthday present.

"Momma received her surprise b-day gift today," he wrote in an Instagram post. "Enjoy and love you momma! Trying to figure out how to give u the world but in the mean time enjoy your new toy! #ProudSon #SheGoneStuntOnMeNow #StriveForGreatness"

Not bad, right? Not bad at all. LeBron may not be able to give his mom the world, but this will definitely do for now.

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