Lamborghini has a reputation for making cars driven almost exclusively by rich, womanizing, partiers who are out of fucks to give and have a strong penchant for douchebaggery. Many expect the company to itself have similar values, but the truth is the complete opposite. 

Case in point: Roman law firm Coratella's Annual Congress on the Criminal Responsibility of Entities just gave Automobili Lamborghini the 2014 award for outstand ethics. "Lamborghini performs its activities with respect for the people that work and collaborate with the Company and the people who are part of the community in which the company operates and is present, contributing to building a better way of doing business for all the parties involved," according to the commission. 

Lamborghini President and CEO said of the award "Developing an ethical dimension is a double responsibility for Lamborghini, not only as a business, but also due to being a highly visible brand. Managed well, they can steer and give impetus to virtuous processes in today's way of doing business. However a fundamental prerequisite is the success of the company: economic stability must be guaranteed, the point being to use profits as a tool that can give a company a new dimension and contribute to creating a better world not only for today's generation, but for tomorrow's too."

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[via Lamborghini]