If modifying an inferior car to look like a Lamborghini is stupid (it is), then how dumb is it to downgrade a Lamborghini into a Mustang? It's talking-to-a-freshman-girl-at-a-frat-party dumb. It's putting-metal-into-the-science-oven dumb. It's starting-a-fight-because-a-dude-bumped-into-you-at-a-bar dumb. It's... you get the point. 

We have no idea why this guy decided to chop up his Gallardo and build it to look like a Mustang. The only smart thing he did was not screwing with the V10 engine. That's why we'd hate to pull up next to this thing and think we're dealing with a Mustang. Try to drag race against it, and you'll soon be feeling... dumb. 

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[via Epic Internet]