There is nothing better on than the NBA Trade Machine, and there is no better week to use the NBA Trade Machine than this week. For the uninitiated, the Trade Machine is basically an interactive database that allows fans to try out potential trades and see whether they work under the salary cap. There are limitations—no throwing in draft picks, for instance—but on the whole its pretty comprehensive. Trade exceptions, no-trade clauses, poison pill provisions, they're all accounted for. About the only thing that isn't considered is logic.

Which is where the Knicks come in. Knicks fans are notorious for proposing outlandish deals involving their team (er, and the team is notorious for making some of them), and the Trade Machine allows anyone with internet access to live out their wildest trade deadline fantasies. Add LeBron, Kevin Durant AND Paul George without giving up Carmelo Anthony? Sure!  With said deadline looming this afternoon, here's 10 ESPN Trade Machine Approved Trades The Knicks Should Make Today.

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