Even at age 31, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander is learning some lessons in patience. The star pitcher is currently wrapping up recovery from abdominal surgery in January and is currently working and waiting to get back to 100 percent. But that wait is nothing compared to how long it has taken for his Lamborghini to arrive. 

Verlander recently rolled up to Tigers facilities in Florida in an orange Aventador Roadster, a car he ordered two years ago. Don't feel too bad for him, though. In the mean time, he's been driving his Ferrari 458 ... or his Mercedes-Benz SLS ... or his Range Rover ... or any of the other cars he has. His collection has gotten so big, actually, that his eight-car garage in Virginia no longer holds the bunch. So what's next? MLB.com reports that Verlander is looking at some classics for his future purchases. Go with the Camaro, dude. 

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[via MLB.com]

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