The Cleveland Browns organization is a mess right now. They had trouble finding someone who wanted to coach their team last month. And earlier today, they fired their CEO Joe Banner and their GM Michael Lombardi. So you would think that their star wide receiver Josh Gordon might be unhappy with the way things are going and look to demand a trade sometime soon—especially when you consider how crappy the Browns quarterback situation is at the moment.

However, judging by the new tattoo that Gordon showed off on Instagram yesterday, he's not getting ready to go anywhere. Because while there are some teams out there with the jersey No. 12 available, he limited his options when he went and got this:

He's clearly fully committed to the No. 12. So if you've got a player on your roster like, say, Tom Brady already wearing the No. 12, good luck working out a deal for Gordon. Because he doesn't look like a guy who's ready to give up his number anytime soon.

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[via Buzzer]