During the Bulls/Kings game on Monday night—a game that the Bulls eventually lost 99-70—Chicago center Joakim Noah was not happy with the way that the referees were calling the contest. So during the third quarter, he picked up his second technical foul of the game and was ejected for doing it. But he refused to go quietly into the night. And before he left the court, he did this:

That's right. He didn't just curse at one referee. He didn't just curse at two referees. He cursed at all three referees on the floor that night. And now, he's going to have to pay the price for it. The NBA handed down a $15,000 fine to him last night before the Bulls game against the Suns, which works out to $5,000 for each F-bomb that he threw in the referees' direction.

"I think it was fair," Noah said before helping the Bulls beat Phoenix 101-92. "It was a bad mistake on my part. I have to keep my cool under all circumstances. It's unfortunate I have to pay for it. And I have to move on and just get ready for the game."

All things considered, Noah got off pretty easy here. He could have faced a one-game suspension for his outburst and could have been forced to miss the Bulls game against the Suns. So a $15,000 fine sounds just about right, and we're sure he won't be too upset about paying it.

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[via ESPN Chicago]