Maybe Jeff Gordon should be the host of a revamped version of Punk'd. After all, he's getting pretty good at this whole trickery thing. 

Automotive blog (no Autoblog) Jalopnik put out a video today with Pepsi that has Gordon, disguised as a former convict, giving Jalop writer Travis Okulski the taxi ride of his life. The video is a response to revenge for a previous video that Pepsi put out, in which Jeff Gordon supposedly pranked a Chevrolet dealer by driving a Camaro to its extremities. Travis saw that video and proceeded to pick it apart, completely showing why its "real-action look" was fake. So, with the help of former Jalopnik EIC and Ray Wert and current Jalopnik EIC Matt Hardigree, Pepsi worked out a perfect plan to scare the shit out of Travis. Check it out above. 

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[via Jalopnik