Every time I pass a sports car with my 1998 Ford Contour, I get upset at the driver for not getting the most out of a stunning whip. I think, "Give that to me, and I'll drive it like it deserves." After seeing these photos of a Lamborghini Aventador playing the Denver Broncos to a bus' Seattle Seahawks, I can understand why owners of sports cars would want to play it safe. 

The Lambo's driver was about 500 km outside of Shanghai when he or she swerved into the wrong lane to avoid a motorcycle. While the Aventador hitting a bus was better for the motorcyclist, it certainly wasn't for the Lamborghini. It's devastated. It's the automotive equivalent of the Manning face. 

No information on injuries was released, so we'll just have to hope no one was hurt. We'd hate for there to be even worse news than a gorgeous Aventador seeing its last day. 

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[via GT Spirit]