Goals, goals, and more goals. The soccer gods must’ve been smiling down on us this week, because we practically saw more action across the globe than we were able to keep track of. We started off the week with the long-awaited Lisbon derby in Portugal, and thanks to Enzo Perez, the match did not disappoint. As we headed into the midweek the plot thickened with a full round of EPL fixtures, as well as the Coppa Italia semis. Finally, the weekend provided us with the star-studded finale that the we deserved. The fifth round of the FA Cup took center stage all across England, while regular top-flight domestic leagues were in action almost everywhere else.

We’ve got goals from Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, of course. But we’ve also found a few gems from Belgium, Mexico, and the land down under. From Barcelona putting on a clinic at the Camp Nou to Mario Balotelli silencing the haters at the San Siro, lock yourselves in and check out this edition of the Best Golazos and Skill Moves of the Week.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)