That rematch with Adrien Broner will need to be put on hold for Marcos Maidana. Even though initial reports indicated that Broner/Maidana II would probably take place in April, a couple of minutes ago, Floyd Mayweather made this announcement via Twitter:

And, you know Maidana (35-3, 31 KOs) had to jump on the opportunity to square off against Mayweather. All in all, this news must not sit well with Amir Khan, who not only wanted to face Money but signed a contract to fight that only needed to Mayweather's signature. Khan also said Floyd "has never fought the best guys in the era," which, of course, doesn't include Maidana. 

Can Maidana surprise some people when he faces Mayweather? Or should we just say Money is 46-0 already?   

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[via Floyd Mayweather]