It always happens. You wait and wait and wait to buy gas, only caving when you're running on what's left of those fumes. Then the next day, the price drops 10 cents. 


But what if you could end those frustrations? Esurance, the same company that had everybody tweeting #EsuranceSave30 after the Super Bowl, has created a website called the Fuelcaster that they think can help you decide whether or not to buy gas today or tomorrow.

Trying it is simple. You type in your location, and the site tells you to either buy or wait. According to Esurance, "Fuelcaster is powered by data from GasBuddy and a proprietary algorithm that incorporates a mix of pricing signals from industry sources to estimate whether gas prices will rise or fall in a particular ZIP code." They also added that the predictions are about 90 percent accurate and that the more gas stations an area has, the more accurate the prediction will be. 

There is no literal app for the site, but if you go there on your phone or tablet, the site is pretty adaptable and is made for that type of usage. Test it out and let us know if it helped or compeltely screwed you over. 

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[via Fuelcaster]