The new Slam Dunk Contest format is ridiculous and Paul George's outfit is a bit...maybe majestic is the term.

But that's cool since the dunk contest was decent. Julius Erving, Magic Johnson, and Dominique Wilkins all awarded the freestyle round to the East, who decided to go second in the following round, which went as follows.

Terrence Ross beats Damian Lillard via Drake as an assistant (1-0)
Paul George beats Harrison Barnes via reverse between-the-legs 360 (2-0)
John Wall beats Ben McLemore (aka "Shaq-Lemore") with the crazy pump reverse slam (with a bad assist, too) (3-0)

So if the East is dominant in anything, it's the dunk contest. The conference swept the West and the contest's individual "winner" decided by the fans is John Wall. He deserves it too, because god damn that was a crazy dunk.

Perhaps the D-League dunk contest was better. Regardless of your opinion, Drake is pleased:

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