To a lot of people out there—specifically, Yankees fans—Derek Jeter is a god. Those people pack Yankee Stadium to cheer for "The Captain." They buy No. 2 jerseys in bulk. And they literally worship the ground that Jeter walks on. This guy even told a story about Jeter stealing his girl at the club—and then said that he couldn't even be mad at him for doing it. It's insane!

All of that being said, Jeter isn't an actual "god." Er, right? Yes, right. Jeter is just a guy who happens to be very good at baseball and who ended up playing in New York City his entire career after getting drafted by the Bronx Bombers. But according to Albert Pujols, Jeter is also about as close to a heavenly figure as we're ever going to see:

Pretty close to Jesus? Sigh. Not you, too, Albert! Ha. Jeter is a living legend, no doubt about it. But you can miss us with the comparisons to Christ.

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[via Fox Sports]