What if you could own a car with the face of a Volkswagen XL1 and the back end of a Lamborghini Aventador? Well…you cant, at least not yet. If designer Adam Graszk has anything to say about it, that dream combo might happen one day. 

The design, known as the DMC.Concept – I know, we still can’t place the name either – paints a striking, yet somehow familiar image of what an evolved, modern-day DeLorean could feasibly resemble. This mockup features a more aggressive look than its forefather, but the DMC.Concept retains the critical lines and stainless steel flair of the original DMC-12, to the tee.

If you’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more DeLorean, take a look at this customized, 570hp DMC-12 that was featured by Matt Farah on an episode of /TUNED. The car is for sale in San Jose, CA, and remains near stock on the outside. Underneath however, you’ll find a twin-turbo Buick V6, likely nicked from a Buick Grand National or GNX. With a grocery list of other internal mods and a powertrain fettled with by McLaren – yes, that McLaren – this is one seriously cool take, on one seriously cool car. Check out the craigslist post here, it’s substantially less than the cost of building the DMC.Concept above.

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