Year: 1987

Los Angeles Clippers fans may want to just skip over this one. It may be too much for the heart to take. Just thought we should give y'all some fair warning. Anyway, in 1987, the Chicago Bulls started to question whether or not Michael Jordan was the right man to lead their franchise. Sounds crazy, right? Sure, Jordan was putting up the numbers and he already had two All-Star selections to his name, but MJ wasn't bringing in the chips. That's when the Clippers came calling in an effort to make a splash in a city dominated by the Lakers.

The Clippers offered two first-rounders, which would've given the Bulls a solid three first-round picks to help build their roster back up in the absence of Jordan. It really looked like MJ was really headed to West Coast...until Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf called off the deal at the last minute. Now, could you imagine the what if on that one?