This one goes out to all of my fellow glasses wearers out there. If your experience with spectacles started at a young age, then you know the ridicule that came with donning the unfortunate eyewear as a kid. Sure, they helped you with your nearsightedness or farsightedness, but they sure as hell didn't help when it came to the countless amount of "four eyes" jokes that got hurled in your direction from your classmates. The traumatic experience almost made you want to "accidentally leave them at home" for the rest of the school year. True story. *gets up from lying down on couch*

Glasses have come a long way since my childhood, but back in the day, the humor most likely stemmed from the fact that glasses existed to serve one sole purpose and it wasn't to look cool. The same can be said for athletes who sport goggles. Just look at the above picture of former NBA player Kurt Rambis, who celebrates his 56th birthday today, in his eyewear of choice. Does this make you want to pick up a pair to throw 'em on at your next pickup game? Yeah...didn't think so. But, there are some athletes out there who, dare I say, made sporting goggles look...pretty dope. Here they are in Gallery: Athletes Who Made Wearing Goggles Cool

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