The continuing case against former NFL safety Darren Sharper continues to get worse. The New Orleans Police Department announced today that they have issued an arrest warrant for the former Pro Bowler, who is accused of raping two women in New Orleans on September 23. He and an acquaintance face two charges of aggravated rape.

One of the women said she met Sharper at an event for Saints players, and that Sharper gave her a drink. She says that after she drank it there is a gap in her memory of multiple hours, and that the next morning she woke up with Sharper on top of her, sexually assaulting her. In a separate case, authorities say that after a woman accused Sharper of drugging her, the glass she said Sharper gave her was analyzed and found to contain a prescription sleep medication.

In case you forgot, this adds to a long list of run-ins with the law for Sharper recently. Sharper was arrested earlier this year in Los Angeles and accused of raping two women in separate incidents. He has also been investigated, but not charged, in rape complaints in Miami, Las Vegas, and Tempe. A court filing in the Los Angeles case says that Sharper has been suspected of raping at least seven women.

He is currently free after posting $200,000 bail in the Los Angeles case, but with these warrants piling up, that won't be for long.

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[via Pro Football Talk]