The NBA under commissioner Adam Silver isn't starting off on the right foot. Following the underwhelming response to the new Dunk Contest format, Silver is now making even more enemies by announcing that sponsorship on jerseys will eventually happen because "it makes good business sense." Can't believe we're going to say this, but can we have David Stern back?

A couple of years ago, the idea was brought up and nearly executed with the initial plan of "adding a 2½-inch-by-2½-inch space on the front of the jerseys for advertising purposes," according to ESPN's Darren Rovell. Eventually, the idea fell through because the league needed more time to think things through. Of course, such a move would bring in plenty of dollars for the league. In 2011, Silver said that advertising on the jerseys could be worth up to $100 million and we all know that money talks. 

[via Bleacher Report]