If you had $160,000 to drop on a car, what would you cop? A Mercedes? A Porsche? A Toyota Camry? We know one of those things is not like the other, but wait until you here what's under the hood of this particular Camry. 

RK Motors built this NASCAR Edition 2010 Camry along with Toyota Racing Development, and the finished product is unreal. The 358 V8 engine puts out 600 horses—enough to blow away almost anyone who dismisses this as just another Camry. Every little part has been upgraded to racing standards: radiator, suspension, exhaust, you name it. Even the exterior shell is custom. It was built entirely with steel by RKM's metalsmiths. 

If you're thinking about copping a Camry, this is the way to go. Buy it right here

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[via RK Motors