In our collective opinion, the '60s might have been the best decade to be an auto enthusiast. The designs were fantastic. There were sporty, powerful, and luxurious cars at every price point, and we were all blissfully ignorant regarding the dangers of greenhouse gases. The auto companies were in great positions to take risks, and so they did. Some of those risks played out nicely.

It was all about the cars. The result is that some of the coolest cars ever made came out of the '60s. So what if car brands could treat their late models like sneaker brands treat old shoes? What if they could say, "you know, everybody loved this car, let's bring it back for a limited release and make everybody wait in line then charge double what they originally cost?" Okay, maybe they could leave out the second half of that, but how great would it be to drive over to your Chevy dealer tomorrow and see a brand new '69 Camaro straight from the factory? We like to fantasize, which is why we built this list of 15 Cars We Want Retroed From the '60s.

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