Year: 2012
Director: Andrew Filippone Jr. 
What it teaches you: Embrace not fitting into any one specific category, and don't let how others view your difference hold you back. 

Director Andrew Filippone Jr. had seen a Buick Grand National in person only time before he had the idea for this documentary. He wasn't a GNX superfan. He wasn't a Buick superfan. Hell, he wasn't even a regular fan of cars. He'll be the first person to tell you that he's not a car guy. Actually, the movie isn't really even about cars. 

The New York-based film maker was simply using the GNX as a tool to portray another message that really struck him. That idea deals with not really fitting in anywhere, the idea of "dislocation, as he put it. He had read a book called Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez that focused on ambition pulling somebody or something away from one group and partially putting them at another level. But that person or thing was still born from that original position, so there's no full resolve of fitting in anywhere.

That's what the Grand National was used to represent. It's a Buick that could torch supercars. It's the ultimate dark horse, reaching stories higher than anybody would expect. The story of this car in itself is an addictively mysterious timeline. Just watch the first five minutes of the film below. You'll be hooked. 

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