After today, the card will be set, and after two weeks of over-the-top hype they'll finally get around to claiming a drawn out champ. For today you get to watch four worthy teams face off, any sort of matchup combination would feel like deserving teams fighting to be a worthy champ. This makes it unlike many years where a less than creditable team catches fire in the postseason and charges towards NFL immortality. Some years *fake douche cough, last season* a team with no business in the championship pulls out the league-wide upset. A few lucky breaks, a dome team playing in the outdoors in January, and a drop of a routine catch. Boom. Championship. It's the only way to make the playoffs interesting.

Sometimes you've got to accept that your team's hot streak doesn’t make them more deserving than a squad with a 16-game body of work. On this Championship Sunday, we take a look back at some of the less meritorious teams in Super Bowl history. Some pulled off the ‘W’ others had the clock hit midnight. You never know what could happen on "any given Sunday." Here are the Worst Teams to Make it to the Super Bowl.