Years active: 2001-2008
Win-Loss record: 54-74
Team(s) coached: New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs

Herman Edwards is a loud presence in a locker room and on the field, but when you look at his win-loss record, it's hard to know what the guy is crowing about. Yes, Edwards should be commended for his success in leading the New York Jets to the playoffs in multiple seasons, but his teams with the Kansas City Chiefs were particularly uninspired, and they finished 4-12 and 2-14 in his final two seasons with the team. Herm, wasn't it you who said something about playing to win the game? He would've been better off following his own advice.

Edwards is now an analyst for ESPN, and hasn't come up in a coaching search in years. It's safe to say that his days as a head coach are likely over.