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Even though the company wasn't revealing any new vehicles, Tesla Motors was out and about at the Detroit Motor Show today and had a small press conference, where the VP of Worldwide Sales and Service Jerome Guillen handed the microphone over to journalists and kindly answered a few questions. Andrew P Collins from Truck Yeah! found out a few things about Tesla's upcoming vehicles. Here's what he found out: 

The Tesla Pickup - An Electric Truck?

Status: Possibly end of 2014

Guillen said that this vehicle is "being worked on furiously," so we wouldn't be surprised if it's still in the bag of goodies for this year. They are going to need something big to keep the momentum from last year going and to power through some of the recent issues they've had, and this will likely be it. 

The Tesla Model X - The SUV

Status: What truck?  

According to Collins, Guillen laughed at him when he asked about this project. The direct quote is that he "does not know where the rumors came from." Oh, you know, just Elon Musk, but hey, what does he know? 

The Tesla Model E - The Everyman's Car

Status: Maybe 2015, maybe 2016, maybe 2016, or maybe never

Guillen also told Collins that the E, which is meant to be a cheaper, more accessible Tesla, could come in the "the next three years." 

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[via Truck Yeah!]