Bill de Blasio's successful campaign for mayor included a bold goal called "Vision Zero" for New York City traffic: end all fatalities and serious injuries in the streets by 2024. To accomplish it, de Blasio proposed narrowing excessively wide streets, expanding sidewalks, adding more infrastructure for cyclists, lowering the speed limit in many streets to 20 mph, cracking down on reckless driving, and installing more traffic cameras

So how is de blasio doing so far? Not great. The Vision Zero Clock is monitoring de Blasio's progress by comparing the deaths so far this year compared to the same time last year. If those numbers are 10 percent less than the previous year, de Blasio is on pace. The organization behind the clock also plans on using Twitter to remind de Blasio of his promise. 

It's still early in de Blasio's term, so we can't fault him for these numbers yet. But the Vision Zero Clock should help keep him accountable as time goes on. If de Blasio can really end fatalities in New York City streets, we'll certainly be impressed. 

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[via Vision Zero Clock]