Just a few days away from the big game Toyota, like most other car companies, released its star-studded Super Bowl ad on the interwebs. The spot features the 2014 HighlanderTerry Crews, the Muppets, some chickens, and lots of old ladies. Crews sees a stranded bus on a long, lonely road, pulls over, and is pretty much hijacked by the furry little guys. In typical fashion, Crews and his enormous frame steal the show, purely based on his literal size if nothing else (yes, he ends up with his shirt off). 

The campaign for the commercial is "#NoRoomForBoring," and though we're admittedly not huge fans of the mom-centric crossover segment, the redesigned 2014 Highlander has some pretty enticing lines. Starting at just under $30k, it’s one of the best-looking vehicles in the segment. Check out the full one-minute spot above and a couple teasers below. 

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[via Toyota