Did you enjoy ESPN's BCS Megacast of the BCS National Championship last night?! We did! Once the game started, we were tuned into ESPN76 all night long and really enjoyed watching ESPN's coverage of AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb watching the game at home. Talk about must-see TV!

Okay, okay, so ESPN didn't take things that far. But they did have BCS coverage on all of their TV and Web properties prior to and during last night's Florida State/Auburn game. And at one point right before the game started, they had everyone—no, really, everyone!—providing their predictions for how the game would play out. And the best prediction of the bunch came from none other than Tim Tebow, ESPN's new college football analyst. He came within just one point of correctly predicting the final score by guessing that Florida State would beat Auburn 35-31. The final score was Florida State 34-31.

Watch Tebow's prediction in the clip above. Is Tebow the greatest ESPN analyst ever or what?

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[via Deadspin]