With Super Bowl XLVIII nearly upon us, we’ll be bombarded all week with highlights of past Super Bowls and the many prolific plays that have made them a part of NFL lore. All-time greats like Bart Starr to Joe Montana have secured their status in the pantheon of legendary players with their Super Bowl exploits, and it’s a virtual certainty that we’ll be adding more names to the list after Sunday.

But let’s not sleep on those who are remembered for other reasons. Whether you forget to hold the ball like Leon Lett or lose your helmet like Thurman Thomas, there are plenty of times where even the best make complete fools of themselves on this grand stage. Even if you aren’t a football player, the Super Bowl can expose you to the world in a most unpleasant way. Yes, that was a Janet Jackson joke.

While the majority of people put on completely average performances during the big game, we’re not here to talk about them, nor are we interested in those who manage to stand out. Those things don’t interest us in the slightest. Instead, we’d like to celebrate and rejoice in the 50 Biggest Fails in Super Bowl History.