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We all know that America's big threeFord, General Motors, and Chrysler—can't be fucked with. Well, aside from the whole bankruptcy thing, but we're talking about threats from other car companies. But thanks to one very familiar upstart, it might be time to drop that thinking. Tesla has kept growing, to the point where GM won't deny the electric car manufacturer's importance. Speaking to the Detroit Free Press, GM senior vp of global product development Mark Reuss said: 

"I really, really believe that the world and the industry and America needs an Elon Musk.  I think it’s really, really healthy. I really admire the man for everything he’s accomplished with Tesla. He’s basically built a brand, which is very hard to do in a very mature industry. So that’s huge."

The article itself went even further by saying, "The emergence of Tesla Motors as America’s fourth domestic automaker — a feat once viewed by the Detroit Three as practically implausible — poses a threat to the industry’s entrenched mind-set."

Boom. That's a big statement. Tesla still has a long way to go (you know, 'cause they only have one car and everything), and the pressure will continue to increase. But if there's one man who can handle it and deliver, it's going to be Elon Musk.

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[via Inside EVs