Since its inception in 1998, the Bowl Championship Series has not been without its share of controversy. For years, the BCS and its complicated, convoluted computers, formulas, and voting rules have baffled casual fans, leaving many of us angry, confused and disenfranchised with the NCAA's championship system. More years than not, the BCS has gotten it wrong, to the point of even prompting the government to get involved via anti-trust investigations. As the system concludes its final year of existence, it's safe to say that A) it will not be missed, and B) it has been a widespread failure that has managed to permeate beyond sports alone.

So, to send the system off with the proper shame that it deserves, here's a list of The 25 Best Teams That Never Made it to the BCS Championship Game. Let us never forget the fans and players who were royally screwed by this system, and good riddance to it.