Jerry Seinfeld is a loyal dude. As shown in Complex's exhaustive post about his the sneakers shown thoughout Seinfeld, he loves his Nikes, the Airs in particular. The Tech Challenges, the Delta Force, the Trainer SCs, He was killin' it. But there's another collection he is quite famous for, as well: his cars, and his Porsches in particular. In the newest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry picks up Jay Leno in his 1949 Porsche 356/2, an insanely rare car that was one of the company's first production models. The entire shell was aluminum that was freakin' hand-hammered in a saw mill. 

Like all rare cars, it has a number ID. This particular car is 40 out of only 52 made, as evidenced in the photo below. But having a cool vanity plate wasn't enough to signify the importance of this beauty ("49Gmund" after Gmünd, Austria, where the saw mill stood). He took it one step farther, literally, and made an ID pair of Nike Shox Turbo Mesh SIs that have "40 GMUND" tagged on the heel. That way he's honoring his car and still staying in the Nike wheelhouse (eh? eh?). Check out Jerry, his incredible car, his awesome shoes, and some comedy fun with Jay Leno in the full episode below. 

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