Last month, seven time F1 champion Michael Schumacher suffered a severe head injury while skiing on vacation. Since then, he has been in an induced coma, undergone several surgeries, and had his hospital room infiltrated by an evil journalist in a priest costume. 

Mercedes, the team he raced for last, has emblazoned its new F1 cars with "#KeepFightingMichael," and Ferrari, the team that Schumacher won five championships with, published the following: “Dear Michael, having spent so many years at Ferrari, you became one of us. You thrilled us so often, bringing us great joy, but the greatest one is yet to come: namely seeing you here in Maranello again, to meet your second family, the Ferrari one.”

Now Schumacher's doctors have announced that he is being eased out of the coma. Some medical professionals have expressed a fear that Schumacher's personality could be radically altered when he wakes up, but only time will tell.

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[via NPR