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If athletes are looking for love, there is one place that they should not go: The Internet. Seriously. It doesn't matter if you're Tom Brady or Blaine Gabbert. The trolls on the Internet will tear you to shreds if you're an athlete regardless of who you are or how good you play. And unfortunately, Robert Griffin III is finding that out the hard way right now.

Late last week, RGIII posted a new cover photo on his Facebook page. And the photo is innocent enough. It features him stretching for a first down along the sidelines during a game this season:

But of course, that's not how all of the trolls out there saw things when he put the photo up. So instead of writing stuff like, "I remember this play, it was awesome," on RGIII's Facebook feed, the trolls took shots at the Redskins quarterback for—get this—wearing a sleeve on his arm during games this year. Forget the fact that RGIII has always worn an arm sleeve. They chose now of all times to get on him about it.

Normally, that wouldn't warrant news headlines. After all, RGIII gets ripped for doing just about everything these days. But it's now turned into a news story because RGIII decided to respond to all of the trolls who commented on his photo. Here was his response:

We don't agree with everything that RGIII has said and done this season. But we do agree with his response here. If you're going to rip RGIII, rip him for his poor play or his attitude or his relationship with his coaches. Don't do it because of an arm sleeve. How does that even make sense?

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[via The Big Lead]