If you thought flops were only reserved for the pitch and the hardwood, think again. Even the so-called gladiators of the gridiron have shown a propensity to give us an Oscar-worthy dive when the situation calls for it. Do you blame them? With commissioner Roger Goodell allowing the referees of the No Fun League to seemingly throw a flag on anything and everything these days, why not break out that extra unnecessary exaggeration if it means that there will be a penalty on the play?

But hey, that doesn't mean we can't laugh at their expense. Especially when these players are out here looking absolutely foolish in the process. Just look at Cam Newton during the 2014 NFL playoffs who used an encroachment penalty on Ahmad Brooks after he flew over the entire Panthers offensive line to break out one of the worst acting jobs we have seen in any sport. And to think, that one isn't the worst of the entire 2013-14 campaign. Find out where Cam's incredible dive ranks in the Most Ridiculous Flops of the NFL Season.

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