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If you Google the words "basketball capital of the world," you'll find all kinds of U.S. cities laying claim to the title. From Chicago to New York to Los Angeles, there are lots and lots of American cities that think they are the most talented basketball city right now. But only one can truly claim the throne. And that city is Indianapolis.

Over the course of the last seven months, Red Bull has used the Red Bull Midnight Run to help determine the best basketball city in the country. Red Bull traveled to cities like Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and all of the cities listed above to find the best ballers in each city. And last Friday night, they held the Red Bull Midnight Run Finals at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with teams from New York, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Atlanta taking part. And the team from Indianapolis was victorious, knocking off the team from New York 43-41 in the finals.

"There was a sense that the stakes were higher in the final game," Indy guard Devin Williams said. "You could feel the focus and fight in everyone's game…We're taking this title back to Indy."

Check out photos from the Red Bull Midnight Run Finals in the thumbs gallery above. We've also included a video below so that you can see highlights from it. And if you're interested in reading more about which D-League players, street ballers, former college stars, etc. took part in the regional Midnight Runs, check out the Midnight Run's main website here. Congrats to the team from Indianapolis on putting on for their city.

[via Red Bull Midnight Run]