Seattle and Denver have a combined population of about 1.3 million people, so for the remaining 312 million Americans, the Super Bowl probably doesn't carry a serious rooting interest (unless you're in Vegas). Betting aside, it can be tough as an NFL fan to watch the Super Bowl, knowing that your team, along with 29 others, have been set aside in the "There's Always Next Year" bin. It's the only non-bye week football Sunday when you're not wearing your team's gear. There's no fantasy football to track either. It feels weird and unnatural after four or so months of in-season dedication to let go, but there's no reason to completely be a neutral fan this Sunday. Honestly, Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman are enough to sway even the most impartial fans one way or another. Check out 20 Reasons to Be a Fan of the Seahawks or the Broncos If You Aren't From Seattle or Denver.