A man in Dayton, Ohio had a bond with machine that'll never be outdone. Today Billy Standley got his final wish and was buried atop his beloved 1967 Harley Davidson Electra Glide. The burial required three grave sites and has been 18 years in the making. 

Five years ago Standley's son's built their father a Plexiglass, steel-and-wood-reinforced casket capable of supporting the motorcycle. Standley loved it so much he kept it in his garage and showed it off to his friends. "He was a quirky man,” his daughter Dorothy Brown said. “But when it comes to us kids, he loved us, he raised us well and, of course, we wanted to help him.”

After dying of lung cancer Sunday, Standley's body was dressed in his leathers and helmet, secured with a metal back brace, and strapped onto his motorcycle seat. The casket was then sealed off so Standley and his bike could be lowered into the ground. Regardless of your beliefs in the afterlife, we can all agree that nothing—not even death—will ever take Standley's motorcycle away. 

(You can see more photos from the funeral here.)

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[via Dayton Daily News]