Did you hate the sleeved jerseys that the NBA forced its players to wear on Christmas Day? If we remember correctly, you did. And you weren't alone. Mark Cuban slammed the look of the jerseys, too.

Assuming you did hate those jerseys, we've got some bad news for you. Earlier today, a site called Basket4Ballers leaked some photos of the jerseys that NBA players are going to wear during the 2014 NBA All-Star Game and…UGH. They look even worse than the Christmas Day jerseys! And UniWatch confirmed that these are, in fact, the All-Star jerseys:

We know the NBA is really, really trying to make this sleeved jersey thing happen. But c'mon, guys. You know this does not look good.

Check out some additional images of the leaked LeBron James All-Star jersey in the thumbs gallery above. Is anyone out there actually feeling the look of these? Anyone at all?

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[via Basket4Ballers]