The past year has been one of the best 12-month spans in automotive history. There's no questioning that. Speed records were broken, sales records were broken, dash cam usage records were broken, and new innovation and quality standards were set. It was a year that many auto makers, such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and McLaren, celebrated enormous milestone birthdays with their best products ever. With all the creativity left on the showroom floors in 2013, you'd think companies would need some time to recharge their lithium ion batteries. Think again.

There's plenty of juice to go, as car companies will continue to use momentum from 2013 to push forward into new territory. Entirely new models are being built to fill out new segments, cars are being recreated and improved, and new technologies are finally coming to fruition. Check out which cars we're most excited about with our Early Picks for the Most Anticipated Car Debuts of 2014.

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