Michael Schumacher, seven time F1 champion and motorsport legend, suffered a severe head injury skiing a few weeks ago. He has since been put into an induced coma and has had an operation in which part of his skill was removed to relieve pressure on his brain. 

Now Schumacher's doctors are saying that his condition is stable, and that he is expected to live through this ordeal, but others fear that he probably won't be the same. "If Schumacher survives, he will not be Schumacher," says Dr. Richard Greenwood, an acute brain injury specialist from University College London Hospital, "He will be Bloggs," referring to the British equivalent of John Doe, meaning that his personality could be significantly altered. "His rehabilitation will only be effective if he comes to terms with being Bloggs. That is a very, very hard process to take people through. They need to come to terms with their limitations — the fact they have changed,”

Schumacher's medical team has yet to make a statement, and his manager said "Michael's family is very happy and confident with the work of the team of doctors treating Michael, and they trust them completely. Michael's condition is still considered as stable,"

We're hoping the best for him, and those who love him.

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