We already considered the fact that the McLaren MP4-12C MSO Concept (Shown) could be even more special than the Ferrari 458 Speciale, on account of the impressive updates that have been made to the car since it debuted. McLaren isn't satisfied with this kind of talk though, and wants to make a car that kicks the Speciale in the nuts, and then laughs at it for crying.

The new faster 12C's engine should be pumped up to about 650 horses, come with standard carbon ceramic brakes, and have a ton of other tweaks. Interestingly, the exterior is getting an overhaul as well. The company learned a lot about aerodynamics during the construction of the P1, and wants to apply some of those lessons to the 12C. Features of the front of the P1 in particular are said to be proliferating to the entire McLaren range. 

This is going to be awesome.

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[via Autocar