Former WWE star Matt Hardy looks like he's seen better days in the photo above, eh? Same goes for his wife Rebecca Hardy—aka Reby Sky—who can be seen in the thumbs gallery. And that's because both of them have had better days than the one they had back on January 1.

According to TMZ Sports, Hardy and his wife got into a brawl with one another at the Hampton Inn in Emporia, Va. very early on the morning of January 1. It reportedly got so bad that another hotel guest went down to the lobby and told someone at the front desk that it sounded like a woman was being beaten in one of the hotel's room. The person at the front desk then called 911 and, a short time later, Hardy and his wife were both arrested on assault and battery charges. They were released on $3,500 bail but they also filed restraining orders against one another.

Since the alleged brawl, the two seem to have made up. TMZ Sports found several photos of the couple together in recent weeks. But we hope, for their sakes, that they do whatever they have to do to make sure that they never look like this again.

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[via TMZ Sports]