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On Saturday afternoon, someone stole a Fiat 500 owned by Venus Williams from a neighborhood in Los Angeles. Sucks to be her, right? Sure, except Venus didn't really even have time to miss the car.

Shortly after stealing the Fiat 500, the guy who stole the car—later identified as Gabriel Vella—got pulled over near the Staples Center for running through a red light. And as soon as a police officer approached the vehicle, Vella admitted that the car he was driving was stolen. Furthermore, he tried to run away from police after they removed him from the car and placed him in handcuffs but was apprehended after a short chase. And the worst part for Vella was that if he had just played it cool and not copped to driving a hot vehicle, he probably would have gotten away with the crime. Because as it turns out, Williams hadn't even called the cops to report the car stolen yet when he got pulled over (she was in Australia this weekend taking part in the Australian Open).

Then again, it doesn't exactly sound like Vella was built for a life of crime. So he probably would have found a different way to get caught if he hadn't been pulled over. What an idiot.

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