The reign of Macklemore continues. Like it or not, you're still going to have to deal with songs you've heard eight kadrillion times for at least another month, as the music scene prepares for a Grammy show, where Mack and Ryan Lewis will likely add more awards to the praise for The Heist. Coming up on the 26th of this month, the award show hired TBWA/Chiat/Day LA to launch a "Music Unleashes" video program that aims to highlight people's natural reactions to la música. 

"The first idea was to have an artist do a surprise performance at the DMV--no one likes being there," says creative director Rick Utzinger. "When navigating through the Department of Motor Vehicles bureaucracy proved difficult, we asked ourselves 'where else would be a boring place to pull of this idea?' The bus is boring. So we contacted Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and they were all over it."

Utzinger also assures everybody that the cameras that shot the video were indeed hidden and planted, so the passengers on the bus legitimately were showing real emotions. Even so ... this doesn't convince us the bus is worth taking

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