We don't know how often you get around to checking Miami-based rapper Lambo's Instagram page—we have it bookmarked and check it twice a day, but maybe that's just us?—but just about every single photo that he throws up on the site gets criticized and critiqued by people who hate on him because he's reportedly engaged to LeBron James' mom Gloria. Whether he throws up a photo of some new sneakers (they're almost always LeBrons) or a photo of him kicking it with Bron-Bron's mom, people typically respond with lots of hate and animosity. Here are just a few of the comments that we spotted on some of his recent photos:

  • "Hey @dareallambo ever thought of changing your name to darealbitch"
  • "You got Delontes sloppy 2nds"
  • "Someone got his allowance from LeBron. Lol!"
  • "Son looks like a straight up herb, this the best fit you can get with the allowance Lebron gives you?"
  • "Oh your whole crew must got a NBA players mom too because yall music wack as fuck"

You get the point. But apparently, Lambo doesn't give two you-know-whats about the haters, because he made an announcement on Instagram last night that is definitely not going to sit well with just about everyone. Not people on Instagram. Not rap fans. And probably not even LeBron.

So what's the big announcement? Well, according to Lambo, he's working on a mixtape right now that features him rapping over nothing but 2Pac instrumentals.

"I will be the first artist in da game 2 drop my mixtape off of all 2pac instrumentals," he wrote, before he—for whatever reason—gave a shout out to Kendrick Lamar (and tagged the wrong @Kendrick).

That mixtape will sound a little like this:


We give this guy credit. He has to know that he's going to get attacked for rapping over 2Pac beats, right? And yet, it doesn't sound like he really cares. Just like he doesn't care about all of those "YOU AIN'T SHIT WITHOUT LEBRON!" and "DELONTE WEST! BAHAHAHA!" comments that are all over his Instagram right now. He obviously has some tough skin.

At the same time, that doesn't mean we're cosigning his latest idea. Not at all. So is there any chance we can get you to reconsider, Lambo? Please?

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[via Instagram]