Getting clowned and fouling out in a game is one thing, but it's a little more worrisome that the Heat lost in two consecutive nights against the Knicks and Nets—two New York teams with subpar records. LeBron James' reason? Miami is worn out trying to defend its championship again. James told CBS SportsKen Berger, "It’s taken a lot of wear and tear on all our bodies. It’s mentally fatiguing. And you just try to find the motivation the best way you can as an individual and as a collective group.”

James also noted the Heat were playing with three starters out (including Dwyane Wade): "And even though we’ve got a lot of depth, it’s hard to make up for three starters being out, so we could all use a break for sure.” True champs find a way to win though, and two-time champion James should know that at this point.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]