Despite his recent injuries, Team USA assistant coach Tom Thibodeau wants Kobe Bryant to take part in the 2016 Summer Olympics. So during a press conference prior to the Lakers/Bulls game last night, the Chicago head coach revealed that he's going to try to convince Kobe to come back for one more Olympic stint in 2016. And when reporters approached Kobe and asked him about it, he said that he would be open to talking to Thibodeau.

"That conversation with him would be more than welcome," Kobe said.

However, Kobe also said that the conversation wouldn't go very far. Because according to him, he is not going to take part in the Olympics again, no matter how badly people want him to play. He will attend the Games, though, and cheer his former Team USA teammates on.

"I'll go and spectate," he said. "I think I'd rather watch Pau [Gasol] win another silver."

Ha! Good answer. It might not be the answer that a lot of Kobe fans want to hear. But it's a good answer nonetheless.

Watch him deliver his answer in the video above.

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[via Lakers Nation]