So what if the Knicks are 15-26 right now and sitting in third place in the Atlantic Division? So what if it's becoming more and more likely that Carmelo Anthony will leave the Knicks after this season? So what if the Knicks are still not a championship contender despite all the moves they've made over the course of the last five years? The Knicks are still awesome because…MONEY!

For the second straight year, the Knicks are the most valuable team in the NBA, according to Forbes. And not only are they valuable—they're also more valuable than they were last year! In fact, they're 27 percent more valuable in 2014 than they were in 2013. Thanks to Madison Square Garden's $1 billion renovation, improved TV ratings, and "Good God, you want how much for a ticket to a game against the Bobcats?!?!" the Knicks are basically printing money at the moment. And it likely won't stop anytime soon, as the NBA as a whole has seen an increase in profitability since 2011.

If you're a Knicks fan, does that make you feel better about your team? Eh, probably not. But hey, at least you're winning at something right now, right? The cup is half full, guys!

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